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Our intervention strategy is to create awareness among every human being be it Man/Woman, Boy/Girl,
Rich/Poor, Young or Old about Endometriosis and help those who don’t have access to treatment of endometriosis,
to reduce cost of in fertility treatment, to fight against endometriosis stigmatization and to voiceout for our future mothers.
We believe that this programme meet fully your priorities because its main purpose is to make endometriosis
victims believe that having Endo doesn’t mean you can’t reach your greater heights. We all know how fundamental
living a Pain Free life is?
We aim to increase knowledge about endometriosis in High schools, college, institutions. We would like to
empower youth with knowledge and save at least one from the ail. The project will be run over more than
seventy high schools in the south west region and in the future this project will be extended to other region.
Many medical volunteers are subscribing for this project. The aim is to have interactive courses about endometriosis
in the schools in the south west region. Once a month, medical professionals will meet with the high
school learners in dierent schools to discuss about endometriosis through games and teaching.
We will work together with Nigeria Health Department and the ministry of Education to achieve a best
This project intend to counsel adolescent in the school by empowering them with knowledge about endometriosis.
We would like to save at least one life from endometriosis.
Our target for the beginning of the project is Lagos. Seventy schools in south west region are targeted.
We are having several volunteer from professional nurse, endometriosis counsellor to medical doctors
involved in this project.
If you would like to join us or participate for the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
• Free participation to local, regional, National and International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars.
• Links to Networking, Coalitions, Donors and Agencies for Project Funding in your locality
• Free Access to information’s on any up-coming Local, Regional, National, and International Conferences
• Free constant training on Advocacy, Environmental Sanitation, and endometriosis Awareness, Counselling
and Testing
• Free access to health care training and experience.

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