You just need a more positive attitude

You just need a more positive attitude.”
A positive attitude isn’t going to detach endometrial adhesion from the sides of organs. A positive attitude isn’t going to give a woman with endometriosis a sure chance at children. A positive attitude can be helpful for a person mentally, but after years of surgeries, procedures, medications, doctors appointments, and emergency room visits, sometimes it’s really hard to keep that positive attitude. And that’s okay. You’re allowed to be sad and discouraged sometimes.

You have cramps today.”
Endometriosis is not cramps. It’s not even “bad cramps”. It’s chronic pain caused by internal bleeding and inflammation. There are two types of endometriosis pain : tolerable and intolerable. It can’t be solved with over the counter medication or a heating pad. It’s not the same thing as cramps. When they have an endometriosis flare up, most women are unable to move at all. Comparing that to cramps is incredibly degrading.

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