About us

AJIGA HALEEMAH FOUNDATION is an international non- governmental organization which is committed to completely transforming the lives of youths all over the nations through positive influence, to create global awareness, share experience and solve Endometriosis problems collaboratively among ladies from puberty age upward.

The organization came to birth in 2014, and has been projected, researched, designed, and launched with a singular purpose of mind to orientate the youth all over the nations, as well as to boosting health organizational values and core visions to imbibing the impact that makes the positive difference for the good of the youths and society at large.
The program we are implementing focuses on Endometriosis awareness it symptoms, how to manage it and fighting it head on. Endometriosis cause still remains unknown. The primary symptom is pelvic pain often associated with menstrual period, but women with endometriosis typically describe menstrual pain
“WORST” than usual.