What We Do

Ajiga haleemah foundation works in hand with other related bodies or organization to implementing focuses on Endometriosis awareness it symptoms, how to manage it and fighting it head on. Endometriosis cause still remains unknown. The primary symptom is pelvic pain often associated with menstrual period, but women with endometriosis typically describe menstrual pain “WORST” than usual.
We believe that this programme meet fully your priorities because its main purpose is to make
endometriosis victims believe that having Endo doesn’t mean you can’t reach your greater heights. We all know how fundamental living a Pain Free life is.
We at Ajiga Haleemah Foundation we always ready to Listen, Help, Embrace to anyone with chronic pain
Such as Endometriosis. We are striving to make sure Endometriosis victims are heard all over the world.

    An AJIGA HALEEMAH FOUNDATION beneficiary is orientated to see work as a service to humanity as well as a vital for the good of the transformation of his generation.
    The person (or a body) is committed to using his or her influence to transform the societies and nations.
    AJIGA HALEEMAH FOUNDATION is independent of any ethical or political affiliation, being funded by its executive members, prominent personalities of proven integrity, and also being supported by government, public and private sector and supporter’s worldwide.
    Membership is free to all who are committed to achieving the vision and the objectives of the initiative and also screened fit to have met with some basic requirements.