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We are committed to empowering young people in Osun State for a better world.

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Youth unemployment in Nigeria is estimated to be about 53%. In Osun state, we have a large proportion of our population aged 14-35. AHF is committed to empowering young people by teaching them valuable skills that will allow them to earn a living and lift their families out of poverty. A more prosperous society is our goal, youth empowerment is our method!


Our areas of focus are divided into 3 main categories.

Sports and

This is our flagship program. Every year, we organize a tournament in conjunction with the Osun State Grassroots Football Coaching Council (GFCC) and state Football Association (FA). 16 teams from high schools in Osun State will compete in a tournament for a cash prize and trophy. This is our contribution to talent discovery and development in the beautiful game of football.

Software Engineering and
Design Training Program

We see the importance of information technology as a tool for Nigeria’s young population to enter the global workforce. As the world becomes more interconnected and access to the internet continues to expand in Africa, we would like to see a future where young people in Osun State can work remotely in tech roles. In collaboration with WellaHealth development program.

Beauty and Aesthetics

We recognize the importance of grooming and the job security that it brings to those who are skillful at it. We also understand that not all young people can play football or write codes. That is why we are investing in skills acquisition in the field of make up, hair and weave making, nails and Gele (traditional ceremonial head tie for women) in collaboration with Sherab Beauty institute.

Our areas of focus are divided into 3 main categories


We are a non profit organization and we depend on donations from philanthropic and altruistic individuals like you. No amount of money is too big or too small. We truly appreciate your generosity! Please click on the donate button below, Thank you!!

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